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I can support you with suggestions to help you toward better health.

Most people believe the way they are living their life is healthy and yet they suffer from numerous health conditions.

During our consultation we will look at:
  • Understand your condition from Chinese Medicine Perspective
  • Dietary recommendations that may help improve your health
  • Using food as part of your medicine toward better health
  • Factors that could be exacerbating your condition
  • Lifestyle choices that could support your health
  • Guide you towards more balanced and healthier choices for optimum health
Many conditions can be improved by the changes we make in our lives:
Allergies Lyme Disease and Co-Infections Weight Loss
Cancer Headache/Migraines Heartburn
Menstrual Pain PMS Constipation
Bloating Psoriasis Eczema
Fatigue Hair Loss (if not hereditary) Brain Fog

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