Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Formulas are custom made specific to each person?s symptoms as well as the underlying cause, thus treating your entire pattern. Anywhere from 4-16 different herbs are combined in a formula and these are modified regularly as symptoms change/improve. Herbal Formulas can also be taken as preventative measures based on each persons constitution on an ongoing basis to maintain health.
Chinese Herbal Medicine can be given in various forms:

  • Raw Herbs boiled and made into a Decoction
  • Concentrated Powder Herbs made into a Decoction
  • Powder Granules (with or without capsule)
  • Liquid extract
  • Pill
  • Liniments and Plasters
  • Ointments
    Depending on the condition, results can be experienced immediately or up to two weeks in more chronic cases. Chronic cases usually require taking Herbal Medicine for a longer time.

    What is special about Herbal Medicine?

  • No Drugs introduced to body
  • Minimal to no adverse reactions
  • Formula modified and made specific to each individual as conditions improve and change
  • Formula can be made to treat the root cause along with the symptoms
  • Harmonizing as well as strengthening your body?s natural capabilities
  • A Safe and Effective Way to stay Healthy NaturallyFor more information on Herbal Treatments, please go to FAQ.

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