Weight Loss through Earth Energetics

Weight Loss through Earth Energetics


Approaching weight loss from an energetic perspective based on ancient shamanic teachings.


Weight Loss through Earth Energetics

The Audio Program, “Weight Loss through Earth Energetics” is based on extensive training with numerous indigenous shamans world-wide. Its aim is to shine new and yet ancient light on limited perceptions about the body and weight loss.

You will learn methods of working dynamically with the forces of nature to bring the body in harmony with all life and connecting to the luminous web of creation, to lose the energetic weight, which is the antecedent towards physical weight loss.

The body is seen as a river of energy and the importance of the interrelationship between the physical body, the emotions, the mind and the energy field surrounding the body with the environment and the cosmos for weight loss to be permanent.

It is the accumulation of denser energies such as fear, anger, excessive thinking, worrying, personal importance, obsessions, from within and from our environment that gradually begins to manifest in a physical form as weight disorders, physical ailments, lack of clarity and energy and many other forms of disharmony in our lives. Our physical ailments can be seen as the FINAL indication that we are being given to take care of energetic disharmonies.

By clearing the energetic blockages, the body not only will shed excess weight, but will be able to maintain it as well, since the cells have been cleared of old patterns and fears. Each piece of the past that is released is a heavy energetic weight that has been sitting on some part of our body. It is the energetic clearing that realigns the body to a new way of being.

Although this topic is for Weight Loss, it can be used for all healings as well.

The information in this program, does not replace other methods of weight loss, but is to be used as additional information.

Losing weight is not only a journey of the physical body, but a spiritual journey!

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